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Permanent Dentures | Veneers Cost

Dentures are replacement teeth, they may be either permanent dentures or partial dentures.

Traditionally all dentures were removable. However, it is possible to get permanent dentures.

Permanent dentures are the latest in denture technology. Removable dentures rely on suction, clasps or mechanics to stay in place.

Permanent Dentures or Removable Dentures

It is quite common for these removable dentures to move around in the mouth making it difficult to chew or to speak.

If you are looking for dentures that do not move around and do not require adjustments every so often, then the answer is permanent dentures.

This type of dentures needs to be mounted on either a dental implant or on a partial dental ridge.

Dental implants are generally preferred over dental ridges. This is because dental ridges are bonded onto other natural teeth for stability.

Should the natural teeth decay and become weak, they threaten the stability of the partial ridge. In many circumstances, the adjoining natural teeth that are to be used to support the partial ridge are crowned so as to provide better stability.

Dental ridges can only be used for partial dentures.

Dental implants on the other hand can be used for partial dentures and also for full dentures.

The implant, which is usually made of titanium, is implanted into the jaw bone.

Titanium is preferred to any other implant material due to its ability to bond with bone.

Permanent Dentures, Veneers and Implants

The permanent dentures are then fixed after the implant has been integrated into the jaw bone.

The process of fixing permanent dentures is not very different whether you are getting a partial bridge or teeth implants.

The process has several stages which starts with an evaluation of the condition of your mouth.

The doctor will at this stage decide whether you are a suitable candidate for dentures.

There may be need for complementary surgeries before the dentures are fixed.

Next, impressions of your jaws are made and this is used to make a model for the dentures. The dentures are then fabricated and then mounted onto the partial ridge or the implants.

The implant process is longer than the partial bridge process as dentures can only be mounted once healing and osseointegration has occurred. These could take several weeks.

There is a huge difference between veneers and permanent dentures.

Veneers are for improving the appearance of teeth that are in existence. Dentures on the other hand are replacement teeth.

Veneers are considered cosmetic but dentures are considered essential and for this reason most insurance companies will cover dentures but will not cover the cost of veneers.