Denture RepairDentures or false teeth are removable teeth.

They are made of different materials such as acrylic resin or porcelain.

Due to the fact they are removable, it is quite possible for them to fall and break.

Dentures can also break when chewing food or if you use them to open bags and bottles.

They also break if the wearer grinds their teeth. This should be avoided.

Dentures may also break due to the change in the gum and jaw bone structure.

This results in the dentures fitting poorly making them more susceptible to breaking.

However, just like real teeth they do break.

When they do, you should take them for denture repair.

Denture repair is not only necessary when the dentures break, it is also necessary when they chip or crack.

At one point or another, false teeth do need to get repaired simply because they have a finite life span of about 20 years.

Damage does not only happen to the false teeth but also to the base that acts as the gum.

There Are Different Kinds of Denture Repair

The repair may involve replacing a damaged denture with a new one, replacing the entire set of dentures with new ones, repairing chipped or cracked dentures or repairing the denture base.

The kind of denture repair you will need will be determined by the dentist after an evaluation.

The evaluation may require the denture wearer getting x-rays.

The repair process may take several visits which include making a mold of the teeth, fitting repaired dentures, the review of how well the new dentures fit and such.

There Are Some Denture Repair Kits Available In the Market Today

These kits are touted to be very convenient and easy to use.

They come with replacement teeth, a bonding agent, sand paper and other useful supplies for denture repair.

These kits cost only a few hundred dollars.

It is important to use some caution when repairing dentures.

A lot of the time the repair kits have substandard material that does not match your original dentures. As you are not specially trained to handle dentures, you are very likely to do a poor repair job.

It is advisable to get your dentures repaired by a trained professional.

Fixing your own dentures may be more costly as you may buy the kit and then still need to go to a dentist for repair.

Denture repair may involve not only fixing the initial damage but also the damage you may have wrought with your DIY attempts.